Before submitting a ticket make sure you check below for common fixes


The first thing you should do if you encounter any issues is to restart the computer.

Restarting it a least once a day helps refresh windows and recalibrates the hardware. 

Closing the lid only puts it to sleep so when you open it, its starts up fast. Sometimes too much opening and closing can cause drivers like the touch screen to malfunction.  This is when its a good time to restart and start fresh!


When to: Restart/Shutdown/Sleep

Check for Updates

Once a month Microsoft will send out updates for windows.  Its good practice to check for updates manually at least one a month.  Updates can fix issues in windows and update drivers so everything runs better. Doing updates manually also lets you do it at a time that is good for you. Updates can take a long time sometimes. Not doing them manually means after certain amount of time the updates will force you to do it and that may not come at a good time, like in the middle of a class or doing homework.

Enable/Disable settings

Your HP note book has some functions on the keyboard that can enable and disable some hardware in the computer.  if you look at the the F keys on top of the keyboard you will see other functions they may have, like screen brightness and volume.

To use those functions hold the FN key at the bottom of the keyboard then press a F key you want. example:  holding the FN key and pressing F2 will turn the trackpad on and off.



If you are have issues connecting to WIFI always check to make sure you are not in airplane mode. Make sure you didn't accidently disable WiFi by hitting fn+f12. Hit it again to turn it back on.